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Your Face on Ric Flairs Body! (Pre-Order)

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Put your face on Ric Flair's body!  Why? Because why not!  Based off of his Last Match robe, you can embody fandom at its purest by becoming Ric Flair with this 3" collectible!

This is a pre-order only with details below.   

How it works. 

  • Pre-order Now by purchasing through this link. 
  • After, the purchase, you will receive an initial digital gift card via your email.
  • To complete your order you must use our app (not available yet).
  • Once the app is available for download (you will be notified) simply download, take a selfie, choose your Wrestlers Minikin outfit and our tech does the rest.
  •  Once you are ready to check out, use the Gift Card code that was emailed to you and we'll get started!

Note: The Gift Card code will be valued at $35.  Don't be alarmed, that is the standard price for all of our base Minikins. But what this means it that your purchase gives you a credit towards another secret outfit we will release later in the year! Available ONLY to those who pre-order.  

And if you're curious as to why these Limited Edition, Wrestler Based Minikins cost more? Well, it's because they're LIMITED EDITION, WRESTLER based Minikins, need we say more?